D?u tru?ng 100 tren vtv3

Australia's newest maximum security prison is an ambitious experiment in rehabilitation where inmates are made to work and allowed to live in dormitories (left). But while there are no cells in the Hunter Correctional Centre north of Sydney, 220 staff (top right) and 600 CCTV cameras constantly monitor the 400 inmates (bottom right), while a fierce-looking immediate action team can reach any part of the jail in two minutes. Governor Richard Heycock says assaults on staff and inmates are lower than at other comparable facilities. 'There is a need for your traditional style jail but if you're going to rehabilitate people this is the way to go,' he says.

The music video for "Không phải dạng vừa đâu" was also criticized. It featured look-alikes of musicians Phó Đức Phương and Dương Khắc Linh, both whom had lambasted Tùng's copyright controversies. Many publications considered Tùng's video "disrespectful" of the older musicians. WePro issued an apology, stating that the idea originated with the video's director and intended to represent the generation gap in music. [40] Although the company withdrew the video and planned to film another one, the video was re-uploaded shortly afterwards. [40] [41]

D?u tru?ng 100 tren vtv3

d?u tru?ng 100 tren vtv3