One piece trebol vs usopp

Believing Usopp's immunity to have been a fluke, Perona sent four Negative Hollows through him, but instead became depressed herself alongside her ghosts, to the shock of her zombies. [75] Soon afterward, Perona fled from Usopp while noting that she could defeat the other Straw Hats if it were not for him. After Kumashi distracted Usopp by attacking him, Perona projected her spirit from her body after hiding and tricked Usopp into believing she was flying while proclaiming that she had come up with a plan to defeat him. [76] Declaring that she had simply been caught up in the moment before, Perona attempted to cheer Usopp up once more before appearing behind him in a giant form. After dodging Usopp's Ageha Ryusei, Perona reverted to her normal size before placing her hands inside of Usopp's chest and pretending that she was going to crush his heart, only to reveal that she could not do such a thing. Usopp attacked her with Rokuren Mamushi Boshi, but Perona demonstrated her intangibility by letting the attack go through her and moving through the floor. When Usopp pointed out that she could not touch him either and demanded to know how she could attack him, Perona summoned some Mini Hollows and demonstrated their explosive power on a nearby wall before attacking Usopp with one as well. After tricking Usopp into running into a pillar, Perona covered his body with Mini Hollows and detonated all of them before gleefully watching Kumashi brutalize Usopp. However, Perona was shocked to see Usopp, who had donned his Sogeking mask, purify Kumashi with a salt ball before fleeing once more. Wounding Usopp with a barrage of Mini Hollow blasts once more, Perona decided to hand him over to Moriah, but was surprised when Usopp figured out her trick and used Atlas Suisei to expose the room containing her true body. [77]

Despite her child-like physique and having Trebol as her bodyguard, Sugar is quite formidable in terms of speed and agility, as seen when she countered a number of attacking Tontatta dwarves , who are fast enough that normal Humans cannot see them. [15] However, she has a rather weak constitution, as she freaked out and lost consciousness when Usopp made a horrifying visage of pain and anguish after being force-fed the Tatababasco-laced grape. [12] This became her weakness, because whenever she sees anything that reminds her of Usopp's terrible expression, she may suffer a flashback that could cause her to faint. [13] [6]

One piece trebol vs usopp

one piece trebol vs usopp


one piece trebol vs usoppone piece trebol vs usoppone piece trebol vs usoppone piece trebol vs usoppone piece trebol vs usopp