Pure test cycle

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Madeyski [17] provided an empirical evidence (via a series of laboratory experiments with over 200 developers) regarding the superiority of the TDD practice over the traditional Test-Last approach or testing for correctness approach, with respect to the lower coupling between objects (CBO). The mean effect size represents a medium (but close to large) effect on the basis of meta-analysis of the performed experiments which is a substantial finding. It suggests a better modularization (., a more modular design), easier reuse and testing of the developed software products due to the TDD programming practice. [17] Madeyski also measured the effect of the TDD practice on unit tests using branch coverage (BC) and mutation score indicator (MSI), [18] [19] [20] which are indicators of the thoroughness and the fault detection effectiveness of unit tests, respectively. The effect size of TDD on branch coverage was medium in size and therefore is considered substantive effect. [17]

Hi Steve,
I have been suffering with Pure OCD for about 6 months, at first i was terrified I would hurt someone or myself and I was having panic attacks basically all day because it made me feel so out of control. That is still kind of there but now it has moved onto constantly questioning reality, the world does not look real and i have obsessive existential thoughts like ”what if everything is in my imagination” ”how can all of this be real” & being scared of really strange things like the night sky when the stars are out or trees? i’m scared of them because they look so unreal & my brain tells me there not real but i know they are & it makes me panic and makes me feel like iam losing my mind.
I am so worried i’m developing schizophrenia or psychosis or i’m going to lose control of myself and just go completely insane. It’s stopping me from going outside as much as i use to. I’m currently waiting for CBT, is this still OCD? or has it turned into something more?

Pure test cycle

pure test cycle


pure test cyclepure test cyclepure test cyclepure test cyclepure test cycle