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Reminder: February 26, 2018, is the final opportunity to request Proposition 39 funding. If a local educational agency (LEA) has award allocation remaining, now is the time to apply by submitting an energy expenditure plan (EEP) to the Energy Commission. An LEA may also consider amending an approved EEP to increase the requested grant amount based on any remaining allocation. For example, an LEA could add energy measures or reduce the cost share to approved energy measures in an approved EEP. After February 26, 2018, the Energy Expenditure Plan Online System will not accept new energy expenditure plans or amendments requesting additional Proposition 39 funding. However, amendments for adjustments to approved EEPs that do not request additional funding will continue to be accepted after February 26, 2018.

In 2011 Hayes, along with Gary Pickering of Brock University in Ontario, looked at PROP bitterness perception among wine experts. Predictably, they were over-represented in medium and supertasters and underrepresented in non tasters. This raises the question of whether supertasters are super smellers, too. After all, a wine's nose is key, and isn't flavour generally around 80% down to smell? "There are some mechanisms by which the two could be related, but, on the other hand, it's not like we have a 'super smeller' test, and no one's ever really tried to chase that down," says Hayes, who incidentally says there's only a "tiny kernel of truth" to the 80% statistic, "because it ignores touch sensations like burn or astringency".

Test prop all year

test prop all year


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