Test prop making me tired

Great to hear from you – I hate painting ceilings too! I think the key is to steer clear of any of the warm whites and then it really depends on how white you want the walls to be. Anything darker in the blue range really does start to read blue but if you go with a white that has a touch of grey it will give you a lovely elegant feel. Something from the Dulux Caspar White range – quarter through to full depending on how dark you want to go – might work. It really does depend on so many other factors so you will need to paint a sample board and see how it reads in the light of the room. Don’t worry though, Lexicon Half is a nice crisp white and you will be able to find something that works so you won’t have to re-paint the ceilings! If you want a really crisp white trim you could try Lexicon quarter and then stick with Lexicon half on the walls – it really depends on how light and bright you want the walls to be or whether you like the idea of having a touch of grey. Hope this helps! Samantha

I loved your article. I understand what lack of sleep does to people, but to me, you don’t try to change it at the expense of the child (through crying and being left alone for instance). Having said that, when I shared your article with some other peaceful moms, they said they loved your article as well EXCEPT for the recommendation of “Healthy Sleep Habits” because it encourages parents not to feed, rock, or parent their babies to sleep. I haven’t personally read the book, but I know your article was about not doing unhealthy things to get your baby to sleep…

You guys are both bashing conservatives so I’m puzzled by your animosity toward him. I would indeed like to know by what theory you contend cuts to SS would not reduce the deficit. I’m not advocating cuts to SS, I’m just saying your point makes no sense to me. The deficit is the $ the govt sends out minus how much it takes in. Less $ out means lower deficit. Maybe you are contending there’s some sort of dynamic scoring that must be included, but that’s a right wing concept and you don’t seem fond of the economic theories of the right.

Test prop making me tired

test prop making me tired


test prop making me tiredtest prop making me tiredtest prop making me tired