Test prop subq injection

So after more research and more importantly considering everyone's input and personal experience I decided to continue my daily injections utilizing sub q. So to anyone that it's interested I have been running Tren Ace and test prop injecting sub q daily .5ml per injection at 2 injections per day using an insulin needle for the past week. Aside from the occasional lump and the extended injection time I've experienced no negative sides to this yet and the effects of the Tren and test have not changed. The bottom line is if I am running gear that only requires injecting large amounts twice a week then I will Ofcourse be using Intramuscular injections but for daily injections at or less sub q is the way to go IMO.

Hi Ben. Thanks for all the amazing info week after week. I love your podcasts and articles. I would love your opinion on using BPC 157 injections as you describe in the article for a very persistent case of posterior tibial tendonitis. Even with quite a bit of rest, using a walking boot, eating anti inflammatory, and working on correcting running form/strengthening, this tendonitis has plagued me for three months now. I am an avid distance runner and need this to heal? Please let me know if you think this could be effective, and if you would recommend any changes to your protocol in the article. Also, how much would my results be diminished if I used the bps orally not subcutaneously? Lastly, where should I inject the bpc if I go that route? I have pain mostly right around the malleolus, but often into my arch and above the malleolus along the tendon. thanks again

It was a volume on the pin. The point was to see if the gear was clean, an infection closer to the skin surface in some fat will be easier to see immediately and deal with that an abscess deep in a muscle group. They give HRT test by SubQ and the route is proven to work. I have a feeling it's just not as viable with UGL vs Pharma grade due to ingredients and quality. It got a tiny bit larger, just woke up and it looks like it subsided a bit (2 1/2 days post pin) so we will see. The shape and path of the irritation seems to indicate the travel of the injection in the tissue so I think that just may be the issue vs infection.

Test prop subq injection

test prop subq injection