Tren 100 ed

According to the plan, the new route would enable an average speed of 250 km/h (160 mph) and a maximum of 320 km/h (200 mph). It would only have stops in Dolores and Chascomús and complete the journey to Mar del Plata in less than two hours. Today, the service is disrupted by serious deficiencies and delays and takes over seven hours, more than the service provided in the '50s by El Marplatense with speeds of up to 90+ mph (150 km/h) making the run in 3 hrs 45 min in then cutting edge Budd Co. -built formations.

Well thanks Mike. In the past I used rock molds but once I found that I could get good results with things like foam and plaster that kind of took second (or third) place. I just got back from WalMart – had to pick up a couple of items .. and while walking around found myself wishing I lived closer to a Michaels. I want to do some relatively minor modifications to my layout but found myself wishing I had access to some Sculptamold. I had seen some formulas for ‘Ground Goop’ and wanted to try it. Thing is .. I am NOT going to make a 30mi round trip just for that .. I’ll stick with the tried but true paper towels and plaster. 🙂

Tren 100 ed

tren 100 ed


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