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Replacement heifers that are identified early in life should not be implanted. There is no advantage in dystocia or age at puberty; therefore, there is little benefit to implanting replacement heifers. Heifers that are destined for finishing should be implanted to take advantage of the added weight gain. Heifers that are not yet identified as replacements can be implanted once if label directions are carefully followed. Implanting according to the manufacturer’s recommendations should have very minimal effects on reproduction, and will allow the producer to take advantage of added weight gains in the heifers sold at weaning time. Using an approved product and administering it according to label directions is extremely important when using implants in potential replacement heifers.

• Many independent ranchers and farmers don’t use artificial hormones on their animals. By purchasing your milk and meat from local, sustainable farms, you are supporting a system that ensures the health and welfare of the farm animals, and protects you and your family from hormone-related health risks.
• Choose hormone-free beef and rBGH-free dairy products at the supermarket. Foods that carry the “USDA-certified organic”   G  label cannot come from animals given any artificial hormones. When purchasing sustainably raised foods without the "organic" label, be sure to check with the farmer to ensure no hormones were administered.

Trenbolone zeranol

trenbolone zeranol


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